Common Problems a Radiator Repair Shop Can Fix

Ever seen a parked car on a highway with its troubled driver opening the car hood revealing a billowing of smoke? If so, that car is experiencing radiator problems. In brief, a radiator of a car is responsible for maintaining the cooling system, making sure that the radiator fluid is cooled down before it circulates back into the system. If your car is experiencing problems with its radiator, it would be best to let a professional radiator repair shop fix it rather than handling it on your own.

To guide an inexperienced car owner like you, here are the common problems a radiator repair shop fixes:

Radiator Leaks

One primary problem a car radiator faces is when the radiator leaks. This happens when the super hot radiator fluid runs through its tubes and if the tubes are not regularly cleaned or have accumulated corrosion, the tubes will no longer be able to take the intensity of the heat hence, resulting to fluid leaks. Unfortunately, locating the origin of leaks is difficult to find, therefore, this problem must be handled by a professional radiator repair shop.

Water Pump Failures

Another common problem of a car radiator is when the water pump fails. The reasons why a water pump fails is the use of incompatible coolant, which leads to corrosion, or the ineffective installation of gaskets of the pump. Sadly, there is no quick-fix for this problem as it needs to be replaced.

Failed Radiator Fan

Lastly, the radiator experiences problems if its fan is defective. The fan is an accessory device that draws air through the car’s radiator to keep the car cool at idle and low speeds. Problems attributed to its failure may be due to wrong electrical connections. It would be best to have a repair shop to fix or replace it.

For all your radiator fixes, you can always count on Ortegas Auto Repair. If you are having troubles with your car related to its radiator within the Chula Vista, CA area, give me a call at (619) 365-4260 today!

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